Phlebotomy Training In Alaska

phlebotomy training in alaskaThis article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to become a fully certified Phlebotomist in the state of Alaska.

To complete phlebotomy training in Alaska and receive your official phlebotomy certification, you must complete certain requirements set forth by the state of Alaska and the national authorities in phlebotomy.

This overview will provide you our detailed process demonstrating the requirements needed in order to successfully complete phlebotomy training in Alaska.

We’ve outlined the individual steps you need to take, so please read everything carefully.

Everything you need to receive your certification is written here in this article. Let’s take a closer look at becoming certified in the state of Alaska.

Required Steps For Phlebotomy Training In Alaska

The candidate should hold a GED or must have graduated from High School, and supply papers which prove this. You may submit the papers along with your application.

In Order To Get Your Phlebotomy Certification, You Must Complete The Following During Training:

  • 1200 minutes in basic class
  • 1200 minutes in advanced class
  • 2400 minutes in training in a clinic
  • Fifty venipunctures plus ten epidermis punctures on live patients (all of them successful)
  • Receive your certificate of completion from the phlebotomy training program.
  • Send the phlebotomy certified documentation plus  your application to an Alaska approved Certification Organization in order to apply for your phlebotomy exam.
  • Successfully pass your phlebotomy exam and retrieve a certificate of completion.
  • You must send payment for your application fee online. Be sure to print your name and furnish a signed copy of your original to the LFS or known as “Laboratory Field Service”.
  • Forward any high school transcripts to the Alaska DHS-LFS Phlebotomy Training Program you choose.

Create A Backup Copy Of Your Certification Document From:

  • The phlebotomy training center in Alaska in which you attended.
  • Alaska approved phlebotomy certification organization.

Send A Letter To Alaska DHS-LFS With The Following Included:

  • A finished copy of your CPT application.
  • Copies of your certification from the phlebotomist training program and the organization.
  • A payment of $54 in the form of check or a money order. No cash accepted.
  • Two photos that are the size of a passport.

Additional Resources For Phlebotomy Training In Alaska:

National Phlebotomy Association – Resource for additional information on phlebotomy training in Alaska.

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